Animals aren’t stupid



Hello again,

Ginger here.Had my Sister stay a few days so computer time was limited.

We had lots of fun. She learned a few things about animals she didn’t know before.

She kept saying they’re not stupid are they.I thought aren’t all animals like that ,they do have a brain and can think for themselves.

I guess a lot of our animals have close contact with us when small so they adapt the human aspect as well as the animal ones. The ones who get handled don’t have any fear and can be quite brazen in what they do while the ones who were just looked after by their mothers are more timid and don’t do the things the handled ones do.

They seem to know what a camera is too as when I go out to take a photo of something they start acting up and I am never quick enough to capture it on film but one day I will be prepared.

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  1. Ricky June 16, 2013 at 12:16 pm -

    Adele, you are so right about animals knowing what a camera is. Either that or they see that “thing” in your hand, so time to ham it up a bit ’cause mummy will make a fuss of me and laugh at my antics.
    We had a dog that would do just that. And watch out anyone with bare legs standing within range of her tail! She was a Ridgeback cross (crossed with god only knows), so she was quite a big pooch.

  2. Adele E January 19, 2015 at 10:55 am -

    A couple of weeks ago had a young snake fall in one of my Hubby’s fish tanks he has in the ground.I wasn’t going to get it out so Hubby put a piece of guttering in the tank and the snake swam around till he got himself positioned on the guttering and started to climb up. He fell off a couple of times but each time he swam around and climbed up again.He finally got out and just sat there , probably to warm up after spending those couple of days in the water.any way he must be grateful as he just goes about his business and doesn’t worry about us if we walk near him or her.

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