A New Free Design and A Story about a Crazy Galah



Glenn Harris Designs has a Galah on the Passbook Club which is free to members.


This design reminded me of our Galah, which was the craziest bird I had ever had the questionable pleasure to know.

His name was Sammy and my husband found him. Sammy’s owners never claimed him and I think I know why :) .

Anyway, this bird bonded with hubby. So much so, that no one was safe any where near hubby.

At that time we had three cats and a very large dog, Ridgeback cross, and all were female. And me, also female.

The kids had already moved out of home so any other males in the family were no longer there.

Sammy would be let out of his cage after tea to sit with hubby on the couch and watch TV.

The cats and dog would, off course also come into the lounge room.

Not a good idea!!!!

First the cats needed to go, according to Sammy. He would chase each one of them out of the lounge room, one at a time.

If that wasn’t funny enough to watch, a bird waddling after the cats, you should have seen him go for the dog! This huge dog chased by a little bird. Unfortunately, the dog also had a long tail. “What fun” thought Sammy and clung on for dear life. The poor dog, large as she was, stood no chance and thought it wiser to vacate the room.

After the room had been cleared of any animal that competed for hubby’s affections, the bird came waddling back into the lounge room, stood at the door and eye balled me with a look that clearly said “She’s got to go, too!”

Sammy made a bee line straight for my legs and if hubby had not scooped him up I would have had some pretty sore legs.

But that bird was cunning. He got that “I’m sorry, mummy” look on his face and started to be very amorous towards me, wanting to sit on my shoulder.

He only ever had one chance! After that I was a wake up to his little games.

Much as he was a real pain (literally), I did miss him when he went. He was a real character and quite the talker and flattered hubby no end with his show of affection towards him.

I was a bit worried about that bird, though :) .

This “game” went on for weeks, until we decided it was best not to allow him into the lounge room. After all, the cats and dog were here first.

By the way, they DID NOT miss Sammy when he went :) .


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