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Tea Tree Embroideries and other designers have a lot of test stitch outs of embroidery designs. A question I have often seen being asked is what to do with these.

If you like sewing or doing patchwork and quilting, you might consider using these as quilts, bags, or on clothing. Incorporating machine embroidery in quilts is a very nice way to make unique quilts. Consider an Alphabet quilt using  your stitch outs of various alphabets for a child, or have a zoo, ocean or farm theme to use up those animal designs. How about a Frog on a Lilly pad quilt?

Bags and totes are always in demand, so why not whip up a tote and use your stitch out as the front pocket? Perhaps on a Beach Bag?It  could also be personalised to give it some character.

Using these as patch pockets on an apron is also a wonderful idea, or as pot holders.

But I don’t need anymore of these items, you may say. Then have you considered making these to give to those in need? Charitable organisations are always looking for  items to give to those who have nothing.

You do not know of any? Approach your local hospital, hospice, or nursing home. They will soon be able to help you.

Now you are saying you do not sew or quilt. No problems. Any organisation involved in sewing for charity will accept your donations of stitch outs. They are always on the look out for materials that can be used in quilts and children’s clothing.But please make sure they are not rubbish. If your stitch out does not turn out well, throw it in the bin! Even charities do not want or need rubbish. If you do not know of any charities, see your local council or ask at your church.

And your Free Standing Lace.Well, that one is easy. Attach or insert into a card, hang on your Christmas Tree, or use it with a ribbon on a present for a child, or teacher.

I hope this will help answer the question of what to do with your test stitch outs.


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