All the Fun at the Carnival.



When I was a  kid, the carnival was a really fun place to be.

And what I liked most about the Carnival was the Carousel or Merry Go Round.

Sitting atop of those beautifully decorated horses you were transformed into another world. You could be a princess riding  to the Kingdom of Wonderland, or you could be a prince on his trusty steed riding to save his princess from the evil witch.

Or maybe you were  the Lone Ranger or  Annie Oakley having a shootout with the kid on the other horse next to you.

It was very hard to come down to earth when the music stopped and the carousel came to a standstill.

But these childhood memories can be relived with the set of beautiful Flying Carousel Horses,  we are giving away to members who have a paid membership at the Passbook Club.

Not a paid member, but not wanting to miss out on these lovely designs suitable for both the young and the not so young? They are also available to be purchased from Glenn Harris Designs.

flying horses carousel









At the Passbook Club the September 2013 Promotion is well under way. Being a member with a $125 or $70 membership, you will receive these 40 designs free. If you have the $90 membership you will get these at 75% off the retail price.

You can also buy the designs if you are not a member at a special price of $30 for 40 designs. If you work out the cost per design, it works out to be a great bargain.

I will be back with more specials and promotions soon.


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  1. Adele September 15, 2013 at 12:44 am -

    These Carosel horses and your story Ricky, reminds me of when I was young.
    We used to have the big draught horses when I was a kid.I loved to ride on the slide or in the sulky.
    After I got married we had a dairy so we had a horse .
    I was riding her one day when my Dad came for a visit and he nearly had a heart attack when he saw me on that horse .
    He told me to get off, she had never been ridden by a woman and she would kill me.
    She and I got on so well, but I didn’t ride her again after that.
    I have always had an affiliation with horses that I think I must have been a horse in one of my past lives.
    These Horses are really Pretty.

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