Art in Embroidery

By Glenn

Embroidery is an art – easy to learn but you must commit time to it, but from the start you can create wonderful items of clothing for all your family.

Anna Davidson gently places a stitch in her goldwork piece on the frame set up on her dining room table.

Children might look at the meticulous art of embroidery and think they could never do that but then they get their hands on it, says Half Moon Bay resident Anna Davidson.

They have the feeling of the fabric and the texture of the thread, and the colors are vibrant, she said. Theres no limit to creating what they want with this art at their fingertips.

She should know. The holiday decorations and tableware are pushed to the end of the polished rectangular table in her dining room, to make space for her embroidery frame. She sits down and peers through the round magnifying glass set up over the work etched on a sheet of linen stretched on the frame. She lightly rests her hands on the cloth and begins a series of deft moves, drawing a glimmering metallic gold thread through the linen. A delicate study of a featherlike flowering plant emerges on the linen.

This is embroidery, the art of creating pictorial images onto cloth using needle and thread in a variety of styles. Specifically it is goldwork, for which the artist draws metallic thread along the lines of a design on a piece of fabric to create a shimmering image.

Its time-consuming and fiddly, but the more you do it the easier it becomes, Davidson said.

Goldwork joins other styles of embroidery, including crewel work, silk shading and blackwork, which create intricate works, some of them shaded like sketched or painted artworks, on fabric. Coastsiders can see the various styles and effects in a four-week embroidery exhibit

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