Basics of Embroidery



In general, there are two kinds of embroidery machines. The first is a machine that only does embroidery. The second is one that offers both the benefits of a sewing machine and embroidery as well. The latter is more commonly known as a sewing and embroidery duo. Even though these machines carry a heavy price tag on them, consumers still purchase them because embroidery transforms an ordinary piece of clothing into a masterpiece creation. The most beautiful detailing is only possible through embroidery.

Embroidery machines range in price between $500 and $12,000. There are different brands, models, features, embroidery size capability, countries of origin, as well as interfaces. It has become more confusing than convenient today to purchase the best embroidery machine to fit your needs. For the best source of embroidery machines, you can go to your local dealer. Contact information of various dealers are available online. or contact us and we can refer you to the right professional.

Listed below are some basic things you need to know about embroidery sewing machines.

It is critical to hoop up your material correctly,  you must attach the fabric to the hoops that are fastened to the sewing machine. With machine embroidery, it is necessary for the sewer to hold the fabric in a fixed position until the machine completes the embroidered design. Tightness is an important factor to ensure a well-aligned design. Any movement of the fabric will cause details not to be lined up.

Since embroidery machines do not have anything to hold the fabric in place, a stabilizer is used to keep the fabric taut and in place for perfect design embroidery. Stabilizers come in many forms. Some are placed below the fabric while others are placed on top. Heat away stabilizers are unique because they turn to ash when ironed and leave no trace of the stabilizer.