Embarrassed by a Bird.




Glenn Harris’s new free design on the Passbook Club, a Kookaburra, reminded me of an incident that happened in our street.


Hubby is not the best at looking after cars. Ours gets cleaned only very rarely, usually only when we get interstate visitors, and the boot is always chockablock full of tools.

On one particular day, I heard this raucous laughter coming from the front of the house.

I looked out of the window to see what was going on and saw the boot of the car open, with hubby’s head down and bum up cleaning out the boot.

And there was a Kookaburra, sitting just above him on a stobie pole* laughing his head off at hubby actually cleaning his car!

Haven’t seen hubby clean the car since! Could he have been embarrassed by a bird?!

*Stobie Pole- this is unique to Adelaide, South Australia. It is a electricity pole consisting of 2 steel joists with a cement block down the center. It was invented by Adelaide Electricity Supply Company design engineer James Stobie who used materials easily at hand due to the shortage of suitably long, strong, straight and termite-resistant timber in South Australia.


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