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Embroidery digitizing or creating an embroidery design from scratch, is the art of using a computer to convert pictures into data that is recognizable by an embroidery machine so the embroidery machine knows how to stitch out the design. One click on the computer does not automatically convert the design. Even though some digitizing programs can do this the quality is never as good.
Embroidery Digitizing is an art. It takes years of experience to create detailed quality embroidery. Anybody can redraw a design, but will it look good, or stitch well on the item you want embroidered?

Our embroidery designers consists of the some of the world’s most talented artists.

We pride ourselves on offering good quality embroidery designs, that compliment your next projects.
We also provide exclusive designs
Please keep in mind, that the longer it takes to create a design, the more detail you will get in one.
Most logos, are not easy to turn into embroidery, Company logos were originally made for printing, so turning them into embroidery, well changes like size of the design need to be considered, this all takes place with your approval.

HFH 6000 Project Photo

Usually 4mm high is the minimum lettering can be, just keep this in mind, some designs, images or logos with intricate detail will need to be reduced in complexity to attain high quality embroidery as the end result.

HFH 8000 Bookbag

However, if you are interested in high quality embroidery digitizing, then checkout the many designs at our website.

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