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 Bikie jackets, well you have all seen them i am sure. To embroider on them, well you have to be extremely careful and it must be spot on. 

Car and bike clubs from East L.A. can be traced back for decades, and some of the oldest ones set the foundations for many of today’s modern clubs. Back in those early days, a member’s club insignia or jacket patch was a source of pride and honor, as it had to be rightfully earned. Each patch would be a work of art, carefully crafted by a skilled embroiderer. A close look at those old-school patches would showcase great detail and while any two patches of the same club logo would look similar because of the design, a side-by-side comparison would show that they were not exactly the same. The stitching could be slightly different as ample time and attention to detail was given with each one by the individual embroiderer, and the handmade nature of them made getting one even more of a unique honor.

Back then, there wasn’t a plethora of cookie-cutter embroiderers who would stamp out a computer-aided car club logo or design in less than a minute; much like the ones who can be found at the local malls and swap meets today. Instead, the embroiderers from the past had to create their patches by outlining their own stencils by hand, before using their artistic skills along with vintage chain stitch machinesmany of which were discontinued back around the ’60s. For a club member or individual rider seeking that authentic old-school custom made patch and/or jacket, would have to take an in-depth look around the country to find those embroiderers of today who still carry on the classic traditions of vintage embroidery.

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