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Hi, my name is Ricky and I am Tea Tree Embroideries.

Adele’s story about her goats reminded me about the first time we stepped foot in Australia, quite a few years ago now. We decided to get off the boat at Port Adelaide, South Australia, to have a look around our new country. It was the first time we had stepped on Australian soil. The cook from the boat packed us some sandwiches which were in a brown paper bag, safely, we thought, tucked under dad’s arm.

Well, we headed off  to look around. There were no Aboriginals or kangaroos running down the main street, but there were……….. yes, you have guessed it, a tribe of goats! So much for our lunch, which they decided to consume paper bag and all.

Those animals will eat just about anything!

We got back on the boat just a little hungry that day, to head off to Port Melbourne for our final stop.

After living in both New South Wales and Victoria, I am back now in Adelaide, South Australia. Destiny?

And how I arrived at the name of Tea Tree Embroideries I will tell you about another time.


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  1. Adele E June 12, 2013 at 10:03 pm -

    Yes Ricky goats have a habit of eating what you don’t want them too. I have found that with ours.They are one of the fussiest animals on earth till it comes to something they like.

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