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Recently, while sitting with a couple of my girlfriends at out weekly chat session at a local cafe, a couple of young girls sat down at the next table across.
Nothing was said between them for about 2 minutes as they busily tapped away on their mobile phones.
After there drinks were served, i noticed one of them put her phone down and start talking in another language, to which the other also talked in that same language.
“yea ten i was like ur a fat fase”
“ROFL oic idc how u did it im glad u beat him up he was lyk soooo annoying”
“idk he was lyk kinda cute rite i no im lyk omg im kra z chat speak is sooooo kool”
“gtg, brb somtime tat old mom wants me”
Should we as parents be worried about internet speak in our kids or should we learn this language so we can communicate with our kids on another level.
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