The Cold,Cold Days of Winter




Hello to all those lucky people  in the Northern Hemisphere,

Winter is well and truly here. At least in South Australia, and, according to the weather map, most of Australia.

Except for those living up north. I would really like to be in Darwin right now.

It is so cold that we could be making snowmen, except we don’t have any snow.

Tea Tree Embroideries does have a cute set of Snow Kids on the Passbook Club, which are really appropriate to stitch now, perhaps on a new windcheater or lap rug.

As kids, living in Germany, we would make snowmen, but they were not nearly as cute as these guys.

That reminds me of the time we came out to Australia. Us kids had just had our first, store bought skies given to us for Christmas. Dad was very good with his hands and had made some for us when we were younger.

We were so excited. Our first store bought set of skies! WOW! We were going to take them to Australia with us, of course.

You have heard of the song by John Denver, “Grandma’s Feather Bed? Well, we had one of those too, and that was ready to be packed to also come to Australia.

Then came the disappointing news that there is no snow in Australia and it does not get cold enough for a feather doona.

So, of course,  they got left behind. Guess what greeted us when we arrived at Bonegilla, Victoria, Australia? Only the coldest, wettest Winter you can imagine. OK, so no snow, but COLD!

And that was not all. There is snow in Australia in Winter, and as it turned out, we ended up living only 2 or 3 hours drive away from it.

That’s all from me tonight. I shall now curl up in front of the heater.


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