The Lydia Project

Lydia is a faith-based, independent charity. It operates solely on donation and all donations are tax-deductible. Its members make craft items which are then sold to raise much needed funds.

When you walk through the doors of the Daksha Chudgar Lydia house you quickly realize that it’s more than beautiful handbags with purple handles they send to cancer patients.It’s an oasis of love, support and generosity. “It’s help for women with any diagnosis for cancer,” explains executive director, Michelle Canchola.She says they do more than send out bags:  the Lydia House is a home away from home for women to stay when they travel to Augusta for cancer treatments. “An example of 24-hours, yesterday we turned the water back on for a woman, stopped the electricity from being cut off and paid for two woman they prescriptions that they needed.” Kylie Coffey knows first hand how much the loving hands at Lydia can make a difference.  ”My mom passed away when I was 15 and she was constantly involved with Lydia.” Her mother was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and served as a volunteer for many years with Lydia. When the time came for Kylie to do her senior project, Lydia was the first name on her list. “I wanted to get involved and do something that meant a lot to my mom cause it means a lot to me as well.” The Lydia House contains more than office space; it also has a living facility with 10 guest rooms, two beds each, all with private bathrooms.

There’s a common area, fully-equipped kitchen (with food, if the patient can’t get out to a restaurant), an eating area, patio and library filled with donated books and magazines. In another part of the building volunteers work with donated fabric, cutting, measuring and even sewing… all to create complimentary bags that carry the message of faith, hope and love.


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