When Life gives you Scraps…………




No doubt you have all heard the saying “When life gives you scraps, make quilts”.

Well, that is exactly what we do.

I belong to a group called the Log Cabin Angels. We make quilts, amongst other things, for those in need. Because we are a non profit organisation we need as much fabric donated as we have room for.These are usually scraps, some quite large,of an assortment of fabrics. The beauty about making patchwork quilts is that you do not necessarily need a large piece of fabric, just plenty of smaller ones.

I also have a group of ladies that meet at my place twice a week and hubby has nick named my group the Ricky Mouse Club. We also make quilts and other things for those who need them, mainly for the Craniofacial Unit here in Adelaide and Little Quilts of Love for several hospitals .

Last Thursday, 20th June, we had a morning tea at my place  for the Craniofacial Unit  and presented them with quilts, toys and “dolls like me” all made by the Log Cabin Angels and the Ricky Mouse Club. The Chief Executive Officer came out to pick them up and gave us a PowerPoint presentation of what the Unit is all about.

It was very interesting and informative.







These are just some of the quilts and dolls we made. If you look very closely, you might just be able to see my little mouse  stitched on a windcheater. This little mouse is free from the Passbook Club.

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As soon as I get my photos organized, I will post some of the quilts we have made using my stitch outs of embroidery designs, many of which you will recognize from the Tea Tree Embroideries store at both Embroidery Passbook and the Passbook Club


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