Japanese Tourists

By Glenn

G’day from the Outback of Australia

I have the privilege on a unusual toilet, that i have built on the property, well its out the back door, up a hill and square on the top is my shack, i have a half front door, so when i am using the throne i can look over the door down the hill to see whats happening.

I have a lovely view of the main road below, and i suspect they have a lovely view of my shack. There is a picnic spot next to the road, and this morning, i being such a nice day i nodded off, but left the door open.

I remember after a short nap, i opened my eyes, to see a coach load of Japanese tourists, taking photos of my shack with me in it. So being my happy go lucky self, i picked up the newspaper and started waving to them.

I wonder what they tell their relatives when they are sitting at home about their experiences on their trip to the Outback?



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  1. Ricky June 8, 2013 at 1:37 pm -

    Well, it could have been worse. You could have been behind a bit of salt bush, with no newspaper.
    Would have done wonders for our tourist industry!
    Perhaps this “shack” should be digitised and stitched for posterity.

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